Journeys in Community Living was established in 1975 as the Rutherford County Adult Activity Center. The organization, which changed its name in 2011, provides community participation services, industrial training services, job training and placement services, special services, residential services and transportation services to more than 120 adults with intellectual disabilities in both Rutherford and Cannon Counties in Middle Tennessee.


Journeys operates with the beliefs that everyone, regardless of disability, has the right to live a healthy and secure life; work at a meaningful job which they enjoy; live in a home of their own with whom they choose; have friends and other relationships in their lives; and to participate in and contribute to their communities.



Journeys in Community Living is dedicated to supporting adults with disabilities in choosing and realizing their visions of where and how they live, work and socialize.




    All persons with disabilities should have the support necessary to:


    • Live healthy and secure lives;

    • Work at meaningful jobs which they enjoy;

    • Live in homes of their own with whom they choose;

    • Have friends and other relationships in their lives; and

    • Participate in and contribute to their communities.


    Journeys in Community Living was established in 1975 as the Rutherford County Adult Activity Center. A name-change occurred in August 2011 to better align the organization’s name with its evolved missions.


    Rutherford County Adult Activity Center was a good name 38 years ago, when the organization operated primarily as a day care & recreational center, but it is far more than that now, and the people we support have led the way.


    It is now understood that people with disabilities can:


    • Work in regular jobs and be taxpaying citizens

    • Live in their own homes in regular neighborhoods

    • Be good neighbors and friends

    • Give back to the community through volunteer work

    • Make decisions about where they live and work


    Throughout all these years and the changes they’ve brought, it was the people being supported who have led this journey. Their abilities, their interests and most importantly their dreams and aspirations are what paved the way forward. They continue to lead us even further into the future today!


    And while it is difficult to predict where they will be heading over the next several decades—other than more into the community—a few things are certain. The people served by this organization will continue to amaze with their abilities; move and inspire with their courage; and bring joy to the daily lives of those around them.


    The journey is never-ending!



    Journeys’ staff provides the support necessary for people with disabilities to become fully participating members of their communities. We provide the training and encouragement necessary to develop self-help, communication, socialization and functional academic skills. We do this in real-world settings, including stores, banks, recreation centers, etc. We encourage those we support to volunteer in the community with programs like Meals on Wheels, Recycle Rutherford and several other community service organizations.



    Individuals receive training at the facility-based location at 1130 Haley Road. In this program persons are involved in activities and education on the topics of prevocational and independent living skills.  Training may occur in one-to-one settings or small group classes. Classes include the “I Can Work” curriculum, the “Life Skills Instruction” training or arts and crafts activities.



    Independent, competitive employment is the goal of this program. Journeys’ job placement specialists assist people with disabilities as they seek and obtain employment at private businesses. Vocational coaches go to workplaces with the people we serve to provide necessary on-the-job training at absolutely no cost to the employer. Small groups of people with disabilities can be hired to work in area industries, where Journeys staff can provide free supervision as needed.



    Journeys strives to meet the special needs of all of the people it serves. Our Health Care Oversight Program, staffed by case managers and a Registered Nurse, ensures that the people we serve stay healthy. Medical and mental health services, counseling and social work services, along with physical, occupational and speech therapies are provided to every individual in this program. People who are hired to work at private businesses are provided ongoing support and retraining assistance through our Follow Along Program. Recreational activities are provided for those who have reached retirement age.



    Journeys supports the full integration of people with disabilities into regular neighborhoods and the community at large. The Supported Living Program works with people with disabilities to ensure they stay in their own homes, which they either purchase or rent. Staff is provided to help with cooking, housekeeping, grocery shopping and money management.



    Since a lot of people with disabilities cannot drive, transportation is provided by Journeys' staff in an effort to further their independence. Journeys' drivers help people get to work, to medical appointments, to stores and banks and wherever else life may take them.



    Journeys is a provider of the Employment and Community First CHOICES (ECF CHOICES) program in Tennessee. The program focuses on helping people with disabilities achieve independence and offers a variety of services tailored to the needs of the individual, including residential and family support; job exploration; job training and community services. More information about ECF CHOICES can be found on the DIDD Website (Click Here).



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